How a viral music video helped this non-profit raise $55k

On May 4, 2017, ACC Senior Services took part in Sacramento's Big Day of Giving and raised $55k, more than doubling last [...]

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This customer video shows the power of brand storytelling

Daniel Leal is a former laborer who lives in an abandoned home in rural California. Due to chronic health issues, his right leg [...]

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Ritz Crackers branding video gets it right in 30 seconds

I saw a commercial this morning for Ritz Crackers on Good Morning America. It was a great example of brand [...]

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Running the marketing department like a newsroom

Look where corporate budgets have been shifting, and it's easy to see that "content marketing" is the new marketing, advertising, and [...]

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A business is the sum of its content

The value of a business can be tied to some form or expression of its content.  For starters, a business [...]

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Feeding the brutal sales funnel

I confess, I've worked for several B2B companies where sale teams were not always happy with marketing's deliverables. Until inbound marketing [...]

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The idea that started Marketing Valet

I started Marketing Valet in 2003 on the idea that “content is the currency of marketing.” This insight came to [...]

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