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Ted Fong, MBA
Founder, Marketing Valet

It’s All About the Content!

We assist busy marketers with everything from content strategy to content production.

Since 2003, we’ve helped companies like Adobe Systems, Agilent, Nokia, Nimble Storage, and many tech startups in Silicon Valley produce hundreds of content-driven campaigns.

Today, content drives marketing success as never before. As marketers, we have to tell great stories, leverage multiple social media channels, and publish often. We have to be authentic and communicate the things ours customers care about, not just what we care about.

Marketing Valet will help you develop and execute a sustainable content strategy that serves your customers and your business goals including:

  • Promoting your brand
  • Building your sales pipeline
  • Nurturing your leads
  • Closing new sales
  • Retaining customers
  • Building user communities

Call me at 916-669-8770 to discuss your business goals. I can help you understand the power of content marketing and what’s required to be successful.

Core Services

Content Strategy

Our Goal

Develop the roadmap for your success.More Button 2 - Blue

Short Videos

Our Goal

Create videos that people will watch and share.More Button 2 - Blue

Blogs & Articles

Our Goal

Increase traffic, engagement, and trust.More Button 2 - Blue


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Boost social sharing and your brand.More Button 2 - Blue

White Papers

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Build trust, help buyers make a decision.More Button 2 - Blue

eBooks & More

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Capture, nurture, and convert more leads.More Button 2 - Blue

Samples of Our Work

Adaptec Max-IQ


Cartoon hero saves the day for this value-added reseller.

Loc-Aid CEO Rip Gerber


CEO explains company’s value with simple whiteboard.

Agilent eArray Microarray


Explaining a very complex scientific product.


Sunrise Telecom

3d modeling enhances marketing of test equipment.


Verizon Wireless

The first of many videos we produced for client’s sales force.

LeasePlan Corporate Fleet Leasing


Corporate fleet leasing explained in two minutes.

Adobe Systems

Landing pages must be produced fast, because time is money.


Using powerful imagery to create that foreboding feeling.

Varun Mehta - Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage

Newsletters help company stay Nimble.



Cutting the jargon and focusing on benefits.